14 June 2015

Things appear, glow, suddenly vanish

                                      by Marius Kociejowski

Heat and Light

Things appear, glow, suddenly vanish.

A tree, for instance, can be so intense
It appears surrounded with dark light,
And just as the mind is trained to it
The prospect of certainty is yanked away,

A cut sapling gripped in the hand
And swung through air.

The distant explosions of a star –
The boy and his magnifying glass
Could set this whole scene ablaze.

The trees drop their leaves prematurely.

The path each leaf flows in motionless air
Is skilled by shape and weight,
In this stillness is itself wind.

A bucket is slung over a fence-post,
Its bottom a lacework of thinning rust.

The proximity of each object,
How each outshadows or is outshadowed
By its neighbor or else stands alone
           in exacting light –

There is no chronology.

The luminous signals are spread
Flat against the surface of memory,
As stars are discerned
Only by their brightness.

In the cracked geometry of the field,
A grasshopper climbs a dead stalk.

An empty bucket set
To rust on a fence-post –
That which extended the meaning of a river
Is a dead tunnel,

Holds nothing
But the bitter heat of intention
Soured by neglect.

The clanging emblems burn in mid air.

Marius Kociejowski, So Dance the Lords of Language, 2003.

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