02 August 2015

Death collecting souls for recycling

                                           by Kim Addonizio

from The Sonnets

I hate clocks & mirrors I hate all roses
& trees especially trees even evergreens
are felled & strung with lights & ornaments
I hate ornaments & wind-up crèches
playing “Silent Night” with plastic cows breathing
over a plastic baby I hate babies please don't have one
it will ruin yr beautiful tits forever
you'll have to push a stroller a 40-pound shopping cart
before you like a plow 18 years you'll toil
what a waste paint something green
get a show somewhere with white walls
& people drinking wine I love wine I love
taking it in my mouth then kissing
it into yours having enough / & time

my glass shall not persuade me I am sober
after three French 75s in the bar mirror
our hair messed up & the bartender
carded us both then look I death my days
but not yet this afternoon it's elsewhere
collecting souls for recycling mine's metallic
scrape the rust off it's still shiny
yours is egg cartons wrapping paper
birthdays weddings congratulations Christmas
mine is Deepest Sympathy Sorry For Your Loss
hearing the champagne hiss in the bottle
& gin to kill the apple maggot
when threatened it walks sideways & mimics a spider
lay down beside you & felt so much older.

it's that time of year ice in the trees
snow like dirty light piled beside the trash bags
city gardens behind chain link fences
mired in white except for an occasional rat
everyone lately has cancer
Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead of an overdose
everyone's sad & fascinated
black night is falling in a song
I prefer the one about the glow-worm
illuminate yon woods primeval
come to my bed my aeronautical glimmer
draw a treble clef a few notes will swoop down
nothings lasts anyway
& we leave nothing behind

From The American Poetry Review, May/June 2015.

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