02 November 2014

Let the Midnight Special shine a light on me

                                   by Josephine Miles

The Lions of Fire Shall Have their Hunting”

The lions of fire
Shall have their hunting in this black land

Their teeth shall tear at your soft throats
Their claws kill

O the lions of fire shall awake
And the valleys steam with their fury

Because you are sick with the dirt of your money
Because you are pigs rooting in the swill of your war
Because you are mean and sly and full of the pus of your pious murder
Because you have turned your faces from God
Because you have spread your filth everywhere

Oh the lions of fire
Wait in the crawling shadows of your world
And their terrible eyes are watching you.

Midnight Special

There were no antelope on the balcony
And Thomas had not yet appeared
At the barred window above the precipice

A little snow had fallen since the afternoon
But it was warm in the thought
Of distant forests and I said: “God
Will not suffer if I run my hands
Out over these deeps and shy groves
Until I touch my own undertaking”

But Thomas was busy at his gruel
And when the antelope did come
The management had rigged up a loudspeaker
On the balcony and I was asked to say
A few words to the present George 6th
So I said: “Let the Midnight Special shine a light on me.
O let the Midnight Special shine its everlovin' light on me.”

O My Love the Pretty Towns”

O my love
The pretty towns
All the blue tents of our nights together
And the lilies and the birds glad in our joy
The road through the forest
Where the surly wolf lived
And the snow at the top of the mountain
And the little
Rain falling on the roofs of the village
O my love my dear lady
The world is not very big
There is only room for our wonder
And the light leaning winds of heaven
Are not more sweet or pure
Than your mouth on my throat
O my love there are larks in our morning
And the finding flame of your hands
And the moss on the bank of the river
And the butterflies
And the whirling-mad

From The Voice That is Great Within Us (1971).

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